Dental Work

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown covers a broken tooth to restore the tooth-like appearance and function. The number of tooth structures will determine the type of crown you need. The crown is suitable for worn or chipped teeth and has a wide cavity for filling. Another need for a crown is for a root canal. Types of

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When a Dental Bridge is the Best Option

A missing tooth can reduce confidence in a person and can also lead to many teeth complications. This gap between the teeth can make eating and speaking a challenging task. Dental bridges are artificial materials used to cover such areas in the mouth. Presently, many dental bridges are durable, tooth-preventing, and aesthetically strong. This blog

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The Difference Between a Bridge and a Crown

The Difference Between a Bridge and a Crown – Missing teeth are usually replaced by artificial replacements made by professionals. These artificial replacements can be removed, slid around, or shifted like dentures. Crowns and bridges are attached to dental implants to help them function like regular teeth. But between a crown and a bridge, which

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When to Have a Root Canal and When to Pull the Tooth

The similarity between having a root canal and pulling it out makes it difficult to choose one over another. Those two procedures can be difficult when compared, but having knowledge of both will make it easier. When to have a root You have a root canal when your teeth are damaged, diseased, or dead pulp.

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