Top 5 Ways To Brighten Your Smile

Top 5 Ways To Brighten Your Smile

A bright smile is what every healthy person wants. People are attracted to a bright smile creating a space for interaction. Many use appearance to judge a person, which is why people with tinted teeth feel shy. The public assumes the discoloration of the teeth is due to unhealthy oral hygiene. But some of these assumptions are based on feelings and conviction of the smile.

We take many things that can lead to poor teeth taking away the natural appearance, such as coffee, candy, chocolate, soda, etc. But luckily, plenty of ways to maintain your teeth for a bright smile.

Brighten Your Smile With Whitening Toothpaste

Almost everyone is familiar with whitening toothpaste. The paste is a teeth whitener that removes chronic stains on the teeth compared to other toothpaste focusing on surface stains. The whitening toothpaste is used twice a day to avoid damaging the enamel. Ensure to brush the teeth after certain meals to maintain the brightness with a paste made of soft bristles.

Drink Less Coffee

Some people can wake up from bed without drinking tea. Coffee may be helpful in the morning but still impact the health of your teeth. The tea contains tannins that yellowish the teeth and dull your smile. If you must drink coffee, ensure you wash your mouth afterward to protect your teeth’ color. Keep in mind that mouth washing won’t completely remove the stain but reduce the piles up of tannins. Another way that may help in reducing the cups of coffee you take.

Try Some Home Remedies

Home remedies are easy to prepare and cost-effective. The world has presented many options to remove the faded smile. For example, you can rub a banana peel on your teeth and wash them afterward. You will begin to observe changes in your teeth after a few rubs. If you don’t appreciate bananas, try some baking soda mixed with lemon in the form of a paste. Baking soda is made with teeth whitening properties and is combined with many DIY recipes. However, be careful of the quantity and number of times you use the paste because it can cause damage to the teeth. In addition, it will irritate your teeth, leading to cavities, as it kills bacteria. So, remember to wash your teeth after using baking soda solution.

Over-the-counter Products

Over-the-counter products can give you a bright smile you seek. However, many fake ones are circulating. The process takes longer and may end up not working. There is a range of whitening strips and trays. The strips are designed to be used for many weeks, while trays may not fit all teeth. But you can have a shot, and the result will be effective on your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The dentist is always there to brighten your smile through different options. This option is more effective within a short period. However, the result takes time to fade compared to other methods. The dentist protects your enamel while working on your smile. Some offer home services and advice to clients. You can also meet at the office for the initial and customs treatment before you return for the whitening tray.



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