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Why Dental Implants are a Multi-Step Process

Most people with missing teeth are afraid of dental implants, not because they are implants. Aside from perceiving the dentist with a  drill as a villain from ‘saw movies,’ the longevity of the procedure is additional. A dental implant procedure is not a day’s job but a multi-process that may take longer than you anticipated.

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The Four Types of Dental Implants and Which Works for You

Missing teeth have no gender, luckily dental implants can help restore your smile. Anyone with poor or faulty oral care can end up with an empty mouth reducing confidence, security, interaction, and smiling. In a mouth with missing teeth, chewing, drinking and digestion are difficult. Dodging a dental implant is impossible if you have two

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How Long Can I Go Without a Tooth?

How Long Can I Go Without a Tooth? Tooth loss is a common issue in humans. The tendency increases after middle age. In fact, an American adult would have lost up to 12 permanent teeth by age 50, according to Harvard Medical School. The common causes of tooth loss are gum infection, injury, and tooth

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