What Happens if I Don’t Replace a Tooth with an Implant?

What Happens if I Don't Replace a Tooth with an Implant?

What Happens if I Don’t Replace a Tooth with an Implant? A missing tooth affects a smile and facial appearance. It could be deceiving to leave a gap in your teeth unattended because of the presence of other teeth. But because you can use your mouth efficiently doesn’t mean you have to leave the gap in your teeth. Leaving such as gap can harm your oral and physical health.

Is it Necessary to Replace Missing Teeth?

The dental association highly suggests tooth replacement. Replacing a missing tooth improves the function and health of your mouth. The gap in your teeth affects nutrition, jawbone, and other teeth. Here are some reasons you should replace a missing tooth.

The Teeth Surrounding the Missing Tooth

Teeth closer to the gap tend to shift as nothing is left to hold them in place. The shifting results in crooked or new gaps between teeth. Also, those near teeth may start to super-erupt. The surrounding teeth may grow out of place since no tooth is available to trim its growth movement. The extra growth may cause sensitivity and other dental issues to the surrounding tooth. However, here are some tooth replacement options.

  • Dental implants
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges

Biting and Chewing

To be able to bite and chew anything, your teeth have to work together. When you eat or chew with a missing tooth, pressure and stress are being placed on other teeth, which can cause difficulty in chewing. This experience also affects your body’s ability to digest food, as chewing is the first stage of the digestion process. Lack of this tooth can have you avoiding many foods such as chewy, crunchy, and firm foods.

Your teeth need to align to have a proper bite. It is the interaction between the upper and lower part of the mouth and how they correspond to enable chewing. A dentist does an occlusion via orthodontic treatment and dental restoration.

Your Feelings About Your Teeth and Smile

A missing tooth can ruin a smile. A smile is meant to make you look beautiful each time, and it’s a way to communicate and emote with people. The presence of a missing tooth can hinder you from smiling. So, it is best to have a replacement tooth to enjoy that beautiful smile once again.

The Value of Dental Implants Placement

Here is some reason why you should go for an impact if you have a missing tooth:

  • Implants create a natural and attractive smile.
  • They grant up to 95% function of natural teeth during chewing and biting.
  • Implants serve as a means to grow your jaw bone as new bone cells are regenerated.
  • An implant will maintain your facial shape as the jaw bone remains in position.
  • Implants have nothing to do with appliance slipping and irritating gums.

Don’t live with missing teeth to prevent shifting and other complicated ental problems. If you’re suffering from such, visit your dentist to seek advice and protect your future. Dental p[ropcedure will be the least of your worries if the gap gets infected.

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