What Causes a Gap in Your Front Teeth?

Some people have a gap or space between the teeth, known as a diastema. The condition happens in any part of the dental formation but is mostly seen on the upper front teeth. Gap teeth do not select who they happen to. However, children with gaps can still be closed as more teeth develop. Gap teeth are caused by genetic and other issues such as the size of your jaw and unequal teeth, leaving room for teeth to space. However, front gap teeth in kids are caused by certain childhood behavior such as thumb sucking or pacifiers.What Causes a Gap in Your Front Teeth

Frenum issues also cause teeth holes. The maxillary labial frenum is a tissue that links the underside of the two front upper teeth. This tissue is placed between the two front teeth to prevent them from closing together as they grow. Let’s check some reasons for the gap tooth.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay results from poor oral health. Gap teeth are formed and enlarged by crumbs stuck between the teeth. Daily flossing and brushing can prevent this issue but not totally.

Digestion Issues

Food starts to digest in the mouth as you chew. Your stomach needs well-chewed food for easy digestion. The gap collects unchewed food on your teeth.


Invisalign can also cause a gap tooth. Although it’s a good way to maintain oral formation, removing and fixing the device may cause gaps in teeth.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is triggered by bad oral health, which later affects the entire body. Gum disease results from bacteria referred to as periodontitis which sometimes leads to respiratory and heart disease. Gum disease can lead to gap teeth as they rot along the way.

Gap tooth has its myth; it is charming and shows a high level of intelligence. It also indicates artistic gifts. Here are some fun facts about gap teeth.

Gap teeth have no clinical reason as to why.

Gap teeth have no connection with a health problem, making them okay to keep. Though some people may, even with the appearance, gap teeth are more of cosmetic work than a health issue. However, you may experience speech and dental problems if you have a gap tooth. Invisalign or cosmetic is the required procedure to correct gap-tooth if you intend to.

Gaps are hereditary

Genetics is a primary cause of gap teeth. Although there are other reasons, gap-tooth is mostly experienced by children whose parents have one.

The world considers a gap tooth as beauty.

Gap teeth have become a fashion and beauty, and many people are getting artificial gap teeth. Some countries like Nigeria and Ghana consider this condition attractive, leading to wilder gaps.

Gaps are becoming a fashion.

A gap tooth is also considered to be a sign of uniqueness. Many celebrities like Eddie Murphy, Elton John, and Uzo Oduba are trending with their gap-tooth as a signature look for their career. The beauty trend has shifted and contributed to the success of many people.



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