How Does Poor Dental Health Affect My Heart

According to Delta Dental, dental health and heart disease have two connections. The first studies suggest moderate or severe gum disease increases the risk of heart disease. The second is that having regular oral checkups can help doctors detect many diseases and conditions involving the heart.

Can Bad Teeth Cause Heart Problems?How Does Poor Dental Health Affect My Heart

Bacteria are the cause of oral and heart diseases and other germs. These destructive agents are spread from the mouth through the bloodstream to the heart. These bacteria enter the heart through cracks and cause inflammation which can worsen endocarditis, damaging the inner part of the organ. Inflammation may also result in stroke and atherosclerosis due to oral bacteria.


Below are some symptoms of gum infection.

  • If your gums turn red, sore or swollen.
  • Eating causes your gums to bleed.
  • You have infections such as pus coming out of your teeth.
  • Your gums begin to pull away from your teeth
  • You’re experiencing bad breath or bad taste.
  • Your teeth are weakened, and you feel like they are pulling away from your other teeth.

Prevention Measures

Excellent oral hygiene and a regular teeth checkup are proper ways to have confident oral health. It has been recommended by American Dental Association (ADA) Mouth Healthy to brush two times a day with a soft brush with toothpaste accredited with the ADA seal, which has proven to increase dental hygiene within weeks. Flossing every day and a visit to the dentist will keep your teeth healthy.

Maintaining good oral health will protect your oral and heart health and put a radiant smile on your face.

Can having bad oral health affect your overall health?

As earlier mentioned, bacteria from the mouth can attack the heart resulting in heart disease and inflammation. However, the cases can get worse if not treated in time. Here are some conditions caused by poor oral health.

  • Dementia: this condition is caused by damaged brain cells or brain nerves due to germs caused by infected gums leading to dementia.
  • Respiratory infections: poor oral health may lead to respiratory infections, pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and COPD. These bacteria attack the heart through the lungs or bloodstream.
  • Diabetes: poor oral health may affect your sugar level resulting in diabetes and worsening pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Cancer: cancer may result from poor oral health or gum infection. This infection causes cancer of the kidney, pancreatic, and blood.
  • Difficult pregnancy: pregnant women may experience premature birth, low birth weight, and other health conditions. Poor oral health causes periodontal disease and gingivitis, which affects the baby.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: poor oral health may lead to inflammation in the entire body system. The condition can worsen to rheumatoid arthritis, a painful inflammatory disease.

However, you can avoid all these medical conditions by maintaining good oral health. Visiting the dentist will help detect signs of these conditions before they develop.

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